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Buscaglia Decks
provides a top quality finished deck with your needs in mind. Our unique deck designs pay special attention to detail and will both compliment and give your backyard a centerpiece for relaxation and entertaining.

Accessories:  Some accessory options, which are very popular, include:
  Deck lighting
  Privacy Walls
  Decorative Fortress Balusters.

Deck lights come in 3 styles and a wide variety of accent colors. All deck lights are wired into your deck at the time of building and are mounted on the post tops wherever desired. 

Decorative Fortress Balusters offer you a more unique look to your deck. They come in 3 baluster styles that can establish several different patterns for different looks. They are available in 7 colors and are a real compliment to any deck.

Pictures of all of our offered products along with many samples of decks that we have built are available in our photo gallery. Browse through and imagine the possibilities that await your yard. 

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